Hedge Laying, Gardening & Coppice Products

Eco-friendly gardening & countryside management

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The best and most traditional way to rejuvinate hedges and to keep them growing strong.

Coppice Products

Products for crafts or garden projects, all sourced from sustainable land management.

Garden & Grounds Maintenance

Keeping gardens neat and tidy, or managing gardens for the benefit of wildlife.

Why Use Our Services?

I have made the effort to make my business as eco-friendly as possible. I use fossil fuel free tools in all of the work I carry out, using professional industry standard battery equipment or handtools depending on the type of work.

My methods are always in keeping with my ethics; minimise pollution and pesticides, and to help nature where I can.

I take pride in my work, using crafts and traditional methods to conserve nature, produce sustainable British grown products, and to preserve traditional crafts.

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