Traditional Land Management & Coppice Products

A small business based in South Cheshire


Working to Conserve Our Countryside Heritage

Hedgelaying to prolong the life of the hedge and to keep a traditional craft alive. We offer the Cheshire, Midland and Welsh border styles of hedge.

Coppice management or restoration. From our coppicing we also supply sustainably grown coppice products for fencing, crafts and use around the garden.

Scything, a more eco friendly, noise free method for managing woodlands, meadows and lawns. Able to cut to a lawn standard, or for clearing rough vegetation.

Why Use Our Services?

We are constantly working to improve our planning and management techniques and with our knowledge of hand tools and traditional methods, we can carry out work where others can’t.

Our methods are always in keeping with our ethics; minimise pollution and pesticides, and to use natural resources wherever possible.

We take pride in our work, using crafts and traditional methods to conserve nature, produce sustainable British grown products, and to preserve our traditional crafts.

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