Coppice Products

All of our products are sustainably harvested from British coppices for conservation and the preservation of traditional crafts. Please allow time for products to be cut or made ready for collection, our work is seasonal and our stock is sometimes limited.

We can install any of our products for extra fees, please get in touch via the contact form for prices on hedge laying, woven fencing and garden structures and boundaries.

Contact us to make an order, or to enquire about our products


Cut to 6-7ft lengths, with inch to two inch butt ends and pointed at the bottom. Used for growing beans in allotments and gardens, and also as cross bars on squash frames.

Bundled as twelve

Cut to approximately 5ft lengths with a pointed bottom. Used in hedge laying and suitable for jobs around the garden.

Bundle of ten

Straw Bale Pins
Cut to 4ft lengths with a flat point. For use in straw bale building.

Bundled as ten

Tree Stakes
Cut to 6ft lengths, 3 inches or wider diameter. Used to stake newly planted trees, or as rustic poles for making furniture and structures.

Sold individually
Pointed £4.50 – Un-pointed £4

“Y” Sticks
Varying lengths and thicknesses, great for supporting tree branches or flowers, or even as a part of a garden structure.

Please get in touch to check for availability

Cut to between 7-9ft, less than an inch butt diameter, great for weaving borders, fences and screens, or for binding the tops of laid hedges.

Bundled as ten

Sweet Chestnut

Cleft Fence Stakes
A great alternative to treated fencing, supplied cleft as quarters and halves, pointed at 5’6″

£4 per stake

Cleft Garden and Hedging Stakes
Split to approximately one and a half inches, cut at 5’6″

Bundled as ten


Cleft Fencing
Please get in touch with regards to fencing for pricing.

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