Hedge Laying

Preserving habitat, living boundaries and an ancient craft.

Why have your hedges layed?

Hedge laying is an amazing craft which forms a boundary and allows the hedge to still grow afterwards, almost like a living fence. It can transform a mess of half dead stems and long forgotten fencing into a striking and practical feature in the landscape.

By laying hedges, we conserve not only an iconic feature of our landscape and an amazing habitat for birds and small mammals, we also conserve an ancient tradition which dates back to at least the Neolithic.

Hedges can become gappy towards the bottom, in garden hedges this can be a problem with regards to privacy, and as a field boundary can lead to livestock escaping as larger gaps form. Instead of having to grub out and replant the hedge, hedge laying can rejuvinate the overall health of the hedge and forms a stronger boundary each time it is layed.

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