Scything is an ecofriendly alternative

Scything is a part of the traditional land management that we offer. Although it might seem like it belongs on some meadow out in the countryside, it is also a great alternative for taking care of garden lawns.

Regarded by some in the scything community as an appropriate technology, it really is a way forward. Why add fossil fuel and fumes to your garden, when your lawn can be cut quietly, with no fuss?

Scything is also a benefit to our environment as a whole not requiring the replacement of moving parts, oil changes and fossil fuels. It also means less insects will be decimated by the vacuum and rotating blades of a mower, leaving more to pollinate yours and your neighbour’s gardens.

On a larger scale, or for those who like to grow vegetables at home, scything means your cut grass is no longer just waste, but a valuable mulch for your raised beds and borders. It can also easily be gotten rid of by composting, or just being taken when your brown bin gets emptied.

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